Role of content marketing

Role of Content Marketing

There is a popular myth about content advertising. Many people assume the primary purpose of content is to drive people to your site. While content is a strong motivator for people to visit your site, it doesn't cease there. Any communication a company has with their possibilities or Customer is under the domain of content. Content could be something, from the blog post, educational video, or support call. Through the years, consumers have acquired a comprehension of the typical advertising and sales ploys. 


Today, the purpose of content is to offer practical alternatives to issues your customers face. Typically, sales have been an one-on one interaction. A sales representative cold calls a company owner, explain the services or products, and closes the deal. Business owners don't enjoy being cold called, and sales reps don't have any circumstance for the issues plaguing their would-be customers. The simple truth is, content promotion has always been part of the sales process. With new age content advertising, you can scale your sales effort. 


Have frequently asked questions? Creates a sales video or support article that answers these client concerns. Marketing automation systems have launched automated lead scoring. Sales teams may use lead scores to comprehend the visitor's purpose and tailor their sales pitches. Insightful- Highlights your business knowledge, lets your prospective customers know that you know your items. Jargon free- Plan for grade 7 and below content readability. Suitable- Content should be accessible in the format your users prefer. Diversifying your content formats may increase its appeal. Engaging- don't bore your readers to death with your content. Friendly- Create content that evokes a friendly feel. The majority of us aren't the best sales men out there.


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    I Totally agree, It should be user driven and should not be used as SEO tool.

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